Know Thyself Zen Harmony and the Art of Living Part 35- Gods ways are not the ways of the unbeliever for We believe in reincarnation in being born again.

Nueva Escuda de Jose Maria Chavira MS Adagio I El renacimiento de Jesucristo

Original Title: Know Thyself Zen Harmony and the Art of Living: Gods ways our not our Ways and our Ways are not Gods ways when we fail to excel in matters of peace, honesty, and honoring God’s Holy Spirit by overcoming our prejudice God with our own personal sovereignty capable of doing what I did, awaken to the reality of the world we live in and beginning to do something about it.

And knowing we might, capable of giving our life for God in our mission that in my case was to become a classification of special agent that is unprecedented in this world to this day starting even at an early age.

God trained me to look at the stereotype yet real evil that exists in the world and compelled me to confront this evil even as an 9-year-old watching this serial killer movie called Blue Beard a truly disturbing movie and the Exorcist untill I was no longer afraid of it. Confronting always bigger and larger children in controlled boxing or martial arts fights some more controlled than other, at an early age prepared only for more of the same later when good vs criminal situation appeared in my life starting as a clerk at Stater brothers at the end of age 15 or in my early 16th year confronting a Biker shoplifter in the store that our manager let him go after I set up a perfect trap to arrest him non violently and was witness to the evidence he pulled from his jeans.

Certain types of movies however, can be terrifying to children unprepared to see such extremities at an early age.  But I was no ordinary child.  Thus watching the original exorcist and all three versions of the film the first being the worst and seeing my enemy possessed in the part played by Linda Blair as “legion” an ugly movie that was based on a true story about a boy and not a girl.  Already in hindsight the conspiracy of lies in film had begun to weave its web inside my soul.

Being a true story that involved a Georgetown Catholic psychiatrist and specialist in Demonology said a lot about film, and knowing the state of Washington Wizards, the location of the film was appropriate.   Knowing the world male Wizardry these latter days of great evil that will not long be forgotten —-before the judgment, I am surprised they did not tell the truth and make the film truthfully about their greek murderous fraternal Mason male sexual habits and their desire for young boys.

Having sufficient piety and intelligence even at that age and having much spiritual material to compare and contrast with that already sewn in my soul,  and watching the Catholic church powerless to perform an exorcism that Jesus and the disciples of Jesus did in an instant was a little disturbing. And then the priest absorbing evil and taking the possession only to commit suicide as the final solution was for me in hindsight a victory for masonry at least in metaphor for the killing of Catholic priests in the film who were portrayed as having the  bests of intentions and concern for the child and one having confronted evil as if it was his life’s duty, the exorcist himself.

Priest Exorcist confronts Pizusu
Priest Exorcist confronts Pizusu possibly the name of ancient Persian demon fallen angelic soul and one of many prince’s of Persia –though not all evil — that like in all countries throughout History be they Kings or Mason men have made their presence known here on the earth and whom have led or sent armies to fight against our own.

Around this time I was opening the doors to missionaries that managed to make it to our door, apartment  7 at sunswept street in  Garden Grove California in Orange County.  There were Mormon missionaries,  Jehovah’s witnesses and exploring Mary Baker Eddys church  and Harry Krishna missionaries looking like Mormons who gave me my first Gita the The Bagavad Gita (the Bagdad Gita) a metaphor and tribute to reincarnation and our war in this world our heaven or haven where we exist permanently between reincarnations untill we are born again. May God bless with a 10,000 years of peace or makes and compel us to earn it by not falling to any sort Islamic Cabala or Jewish mysticism and World Wizardry ala the Zohar or to the inclination of  making any sorts of weapons or even think of making weapons bullets or tempt the fates by trying to make nuclear fusion and weapons of mass destruction or starting arms races or secret societies that by free will after I die, allowed to form without getting judged.

At least while I live, I pray for perfect World Peace so we can least prepare our selves and set ourselves up to attain and achieve  long-term world peace for ourselves in succession by the continuance of our voting autonomous Theocratic Monarchies on Earth as it is in the heavens.

My mother working 6 sometimes 7 days 16 hour shifts at times every week just so we she could provide her son with anything his heart desired including a good living environment.  I would burn several sets of pots having to try to cook popcorn myself when she was away and my middle eastern genetics kicking in when she would open the door and see the entire apartment cut in half by draped white sheets draping like a giant sultan size tent that I had to take down immediately.

Eternitys Quill el Palacio de LucumberI
el Palacio de Lucumberi (the Black palace) Mexico city Tis picture dates from the 1940s and is a palace for high level political prisoners. A place where my His Royal Highness my Father Kareem Al-Hussayni Aga Khan IV wrote to my mother letters clandestinely wanting to know about his son. and then bribed his way out- Adagio I

Biography notes continued

When I saw her my mother tense after working 6 days of 16 hour shifts, and frustrated by my creative antics and attempts to create environments in our house, I would leave mostly on Sundays and hopped on whatever Sunday school Christian bus that came in our neighborhood and always thinking each time it was going to be the same church with surprises waiting for me around every corner.  Later my friend Jeff Pace and his parents invited me to their church then my mothers husband an American veteran  before she married Pablo in 1980 –  Clayton Dankan – introduced me to Chucks Smiths Calvary chapel in costa Mesa, being born again and set me on fire evangelizing in east LA surroundings and churches about the ages of between 11 and 13 years .

World Theocratic United Kingdom

The compendium religion through linear time are: the Origins and Development of Faith. 

Today, Holy scripture is something I take very seriously be it the Tao or the Torah; the New Testament or the Noble Koran; the Apocrypha or the Book of Mormon, or scripture from the Vedas, Guru Nanak or Bahuala Bahai; not to forget of course the priceless Avesta of Zoroaster, the Analects of Confucius, the Eightfold path of Siddhartha Gautama or the Bhagavad Gita.

It would take a lifetime for most Theologians to prayerfully contemplate and absorb much information about God let alone the average person.

God does not force us to be good or better people, free will and all that, but  asks of us to consider better morality in our public Lives and with our Wives and Children and not to do sexual magic or wizardry Jewish or Islamic mysticism or the working of iniquity.

™ God the All Tolerant and the All Merciful Creator of Intelligence matter and all things that have form

God asks us to consider the truth of the compendium of religion as also a religious record of God’s presence in this world through the living word that applies from the first Veda to the collection of scripture from the worlds good faiths and that we respect each other’s religions and not allow our governments to make religion as an excuse for all the bad things in the world such as wars so they can come in with secular murderous religious idol worshipping godless politicians in suits and ties like what happened during the Mason conspiracy.

For Maximum Spiritual results and discernment power you must pray and internalize your faith in God’s Holy Spirit and trust God even with those good religions you are unfamiliar with knowing they are cultural flexible to achieve faith success inside a culture and preserve the volumes of religious books in the Vedas that are extensive and contain in Hindi and several languages very strange in appearance the names and Characters of Moses, Abraham Joseph and Jesus Christ to name only a few.

These books share much in common and together they give you a linear frame-work for the origin and development of our faith that who by my sacrifice as Jesus Christ allowed you to experience the continuance of the evolution of religion without replacing one for another.  This includes all the uprisings and revolts in opposition to the Coptic Catholic church that occurred before Calvin and the Anglican church by people who lacked housing human rights and respect could not read Latin and were suppressed by hypocrisy  Kings Nobles  and whoever controlled the Vatican’s armies.

The Bible was held in check for along time till the days of Martin Luther and Gutenberg Press, but the scraps of scripture and even whole new testaments were copied in different languages and circulated and read to the people possibly by renegade priests in the language of the people in small services that angered the people who were more edified by their groups than the very rich Church built on the sacrifice of their Lord and savior that could cure their hunger and lack of world development just as the Masons – the originators of it — could have cured the problem of genocide, infanticide mass murder, their terror wars,  their wars and their mass media blitzkrieg of wars and rumors of wars and conspiracies of lies that seemed at one point to have no end.

Islam, the Church of Mormon or the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints Bahaism, YHWH’s witnesses not to forget all the different protestant movements that began since my death as Jesus Christ like that little known Born Again Christian reincarnation cult known as The Way at Rome that lost touch and support of Coptic Church.

1 AM with you Always copy

In this incarnation, I will take time to edit scripture to make it more edifying or to correct the Majestic Legacy of the Holy Spirit and expect help. In editing scripture, the rule of thumb is it should always edify and be universal always lending itself the greater values that our world has achieved keeping in mind the promotion of women as spiritual leaders and as capable as anyone to be in touch with God’s Holy Spirit as any male prophet that ever lived.

In our space programs God’s Holy Spirit is that x-factor that we have taken for granted working even in the workers of iniquity who never credit God to set in motion good things — marvelous works of technological conquering, but for me none were  more important than our Voyager project contemplated from the late 60s and 70’s.

Voyager was sent out into space with a Golden Record that scientist did their best using math and information about human race in all languages for some things and diagrams.  Predominately a western scientific project this most important of project lacked the wonder and awe of space and God that was Carl Sagan’s passion that he transmitted so well in the series the cosmos.

A questioner of everything even about the existence of God, good and evil and so profound that like Einstein he was like a profit for the scientific community all that were not in agreement about one thing, transmitting a copy of all the worlds good religions and making it a viable point.

We are a people of Faith.  That means trust in God.  Who despite our cultural differences we all share the same precious tender God of No Name a Gentle and Sweet loving power so alone for along time with animal life in heaven and no food chain and a reflection of existence that is the part we love most in our society.

God our Holy Spirit can work through anything and anyone, even men and women that were judged and within their circle as skewed as it was —-the acts of ritual murder, genocide, infanticide, lies and conspiracies of lies and Wizardry that preserved a system of Male dominated word leadership, a Mafia, better yet a murderous religious Political Mafia and spread out through dark secret societies that invaded even the knighthoods even Islam and Communist China.

Bio-Terrorism Map
A concealed in secrecy old Bio-Terrorism Map.

In light of the murderous Mason holocaust you have to question how could these murderous religious politicians not use their Greek Fraternal Mason Jewish mysticism  or even Cabalists to inundate the world with the truth on blogs media with the truth about themselves their group and International One world government and all the crimes they committed?

And so as we all know it was a brotherhood who vexed Cabala seriously and it is still vexed by serious death and spilling of blood to create the illusion of autonomy and keep the worlds underdeveloped world nations in a state of poverty and even their own first world nations subjected towards selective development in each country that had their areas where lived people, trafficked and native humans who had no birth certificates.

When the Masked European forces started to arrive and round ups began even in modern day Mexico city many citizens became afraid and must have seen some terrible things and some were driven to the outskirts to live with people who had settled before them and the next thing you know we have target zones for mason genocide specialists in marginalize communities squatting wherever they could some almost completely void of technology and their documentation.  Thus knowing who they were Masons easily entered data banks and erased whole families individuals from the public record so the death toll would not alarm the people if the truth ever got out.

The Sacred Cow of -Es- at Eternitys Quill - God is Everything around us - Prince Adagio
The Holy Spirit is my Monarch of peace, my redeemer my shield and my fortress in whom shall I fear.


Masonry as group through time has morphed and been infiltrated through reincarnation especially in its early days by good men of conscious, and men of God and met in secrecy during the 1600s and 1700s because of the persecution by the Church with members  who were part of knighthoods and later on their political and religious parties that were not supposed to enter masonry did when it became a full-blown Liberal murderous group and Conservative Republicans, Muslims, Cardinals, Priest and men o religious orders and Knights orders joined and together they made murderous Wizardry and human sacrifices ethnic cleansing and genocide et al a world standard.

And as a regular society we still have not mastered, “though shall not kill.” This commandment is in all the world’s penal codes as a capital crime and government is responsible for taking the lives of many citizens worldwide.   Yt we still supported the sending of troops to die in countries that our non of our business and many countries participated in the sending of United Nations peace keeping troops good men and women put in harms way in environments extremely vexed by Mason Wizardry, such as the longstanding conflict in the middle now at peace.

Expected is lower level organized crime to lie, steal, cheat and murder, but not expected was the not so new revelation that the religious Government and religious Politicians of the past were in fact the Highest order of organized crime and who often blamed religion and witched us into believing in their form government-run by murderous religion of mason idol worshipping wizardry was separation of church and state solution of the founding fathers at least in the United States and proved their evil by not allowing Christian prayer in school when in their view it was Islam and Jews in Israel and Palestine and other places that were the problem.

Authorized By Gods Holy Spirit and His Royal Highness Principe Jose Maria Chavira MS. Adagio I (Full Divine Name) por AGNVS DEI VERBVM DEI Principe Jose Maria Chavira Adagio Al Hussayni M.S. AGA KHAN V PRIMOGENITVS FILVS DEI HOMINIS ESPIRITVS the son of God and the rebirth of Jesus Christ the spirit of man 3:3. the son of God

™Eternity’s Quill® All rights reserved by the Holy Spirit ©Always existed and will forever exist The Mother of God

The Completeness of God
The Completeness of God



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